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Winterizing / De-Winterizing

burst pipeFrozen pipes can crack or burst creating major damage to a structure, especially if undetected for a period of time.

Water will continually leak, causing quite a problem, especially in an abandoned property. American Mold & Restoration will winterize for various reasons, such as for a foreclosure or a vacation home, should you vacate it during the winter months. We typically will flush the plumbing and sewer lines. The water supply source must be turned off and drained.

A drain/pump hookup may need to be installed to drain the home’s plumbing. Then a pump is attached and non-toxic domestic anti-freeze is pumped through the piping, faucets, and appliances. Traps and drains are then purged with anti-freeze. The house is then winterized and should not be opened until the spring or summer when there is no chance of freezing temperatures. We will then use a non-toxic anti-freeze for your protection and safety.