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Mold Inspection & Testing

mold testing

At American Mold & Restoration, we offer free inspection of your home or office to look for visible signs of moisture intrusion and mold growth.

We use electronic moisture detection devices, and infrared cameras to determine the source of your moisture problem. Remember, solving the moisture condition is key to properly remediating the mold infestation. Most of the time, the presence of mold is obvious and we will recommend an action plan for remediation.

However, many times, a laboratory test is necessary to either determine the presence of mold or the particular types of mold in an area. Although we are capable of conducting these tests, we recommend that you have an environmental or inspection company conduct the test(s) as an impartial third party. We believe that it is in your best interest to have lab testing done by a company separate from the firm that provides the remediation service. Please be wary of any mold remediation firm that provides both the testing and mold removal services. It can be a conflict of interest.

American Mold & Restoration has a company that we can schedule to test your property for mold.

  • $450.00 for the first two samples (one inside sample and one outside sample)
  • Each additional sample is $95.00