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Health Risks
According to recent studies, mold has been linked to headaches, dizziness and respiratory illness.
Proper containment and removal of mold is essential to preventing further spread.
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AMR’s experienced staff will assess & remediate mold spores and restore your home.
Flooded or Wet Crawlspace?

With the amount of rain and flooding that we have had in our service area, we just want to remind all of our customers that if you have experienced heavy rain or flooding in your area, be sure to check your crawlspace. If your insulation has been damaged by water, by replacing the wet or water-damaged insulation in your crawlspace, you can avoid mold growth.

Featured Home Services

mold on walls

Mold Remediation

Determining the cause of your mold infestation is the key to preventing reoccurrence. Once the moisture source is identified and controlled, our system of containment, removal techniques and analysis...
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crawlspace encapsulation

DryCrawl™ Crawlspace Encapsulation

Over 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from underneath the house in the crawl space. The DryCrawl™ crawl space vapor barrier will protect your home & family.
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mold testing

Free Mold Inspection & 3rd Party Testing

We offer free inspection of your home or office to look for visible signs of moisture intrusion and mold growth. We can schedule our sister company to test your property for mold.
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